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"Suspecting your mate of having an affair can be a very emotionally overwhelming experience. To be sure of anything you need facts. We will investigate the suspicious activity, helping you attain the truth you need to make important decisions in your life."

Feelings of disappointment, anger, uncertainty, betrayal and confusion can cloud rational thinking. There is no reason to live a moment longer wondering and in pain. There is nothing worse then the feeling of suspicion of a loved one, and until you know for sure, such thoughts could take a serious toll on your own well being as well as the well being of your relationship.If you are facing having to deal with infidelity we can facilitate an in-depth, discreet investigation to find out for certain. With knowing the truth, comes peace of mind and in situations like these, certainty is priceless.

Look over the list below, if this sounds even remotely familiar, you need to call us today.

  • Excessive or discreet use of the computer
  • Overtime hours or holdovers with work
  • Hiding of phone, credit card, or bank accounts histories
  • Excessive arguing of facts related to time
  • Blaming, defensive behavior
  • Negative projections behavior - accusing you of an affair
  • Lack of sexual interest or abnormal renewed sexual interest
  • Abnormal call activity at the home or cell phones - Hang ups and long tones
  • Removal of pictures or photos from wallet
  • Lost wedding ring
  • Singles behavior - out with friends

We understand completely that discretion is paramount in these investigations. With us you are 100% assured and guaranteed complete confidentiality. We can, in most circumstances, also complete a background investigation and profile of the "Unknown Subjects". If desired we have the ability to provide you with a complete report on the other person, pictures included.

Usually, there are no direct evidences against adultery and it has to be proven with the help of circumstantial proofs such as photographs of the spouse with a third person at secluded place where they may get intimate or at places like hotels where they may get an opportunity for physical relationship. Since, it is difficult to have an eyewitness to prove an illicit relationship; it can be proved indirectly by showing evidences such as hotel bills or travel records. Also, their public display of affection or their letters, SMS's etc. can be also be used as evidence against the offending party. In India, divorce can be easily granted on the basis of adultery once it has been proved in the court.

If you are married and you suspect your significant other, someone confirming the affair is not enough. You will need documentation that can be taken to trial if you make the decision to divorce. Documentation is the most important part of your case. Having a thorough report, an explanation of video, and still photography evidence can help you with your presentation of the facts. If you decide to work with a lawyer, it is important to have the evidence we provide to ensure your case and to protect you and your interests. All evidence is collected and provided in a strict, factual and specific manner. Extramarital affairs often lead to divorce; we do not interfere, we are here to help. We can assist in items from the discovery process to the healing process of recovering from infidelity. We believe infidelity is a very serious matter and should be treated accordingly.

As difficult as it may be to come to terms with, you are going to need to get the facts and protect your interests and own well being. Coping with infidelity is not easy, but living with it is worse.

We serve Adultery or Infidelity private investigative/ detective service all over world and majorly in cities of India viz.; Mumbai Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Noida, Ahmedabad etc.

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Case Studies

1. Adultery Surveillance Case Study

A concerned husband solicited our services. He told us that he is beginning to suspect his wife is cheating on him. He expresses his concern to her, and asks her if this is true.


A concerned husband solicited our services. He told us that he is beginning to suspect his wife is cheating on him. He expresses his concern to her, and asks her if this is true. The wife vehemently denied she was having an affair, but her peculiar behavior continued. The husband was still suspicious and as a result, began to intercept his wife's emails and text messages. He found she was corresponding with a certain man, and the messages included pledging their love to one another.

One evening the wife told her husband that she had business to conduct in another city, and would be traveling for few days. The city where she was traveling was where the husband believed the boyfriend resided.

The husband needed visual proof that his wife was, in fact, having an affair. When the husband spoke with the Case Analyst at VIS, he told him that if his fears were confirmed, then he would file for divorce and for sole custody of their two children. During the free consultation with the Case Analyst at VIS, the client (with the expert help of the case analyst) determined the best action plan for the situation. Surveillance would be the best way to validate the husband's fears. He could not rely on his wife to be honest about the affair because she had already fervently denied it.

An unfaithful mate is devastating, and suspicions without proof make it even harder to comprehend and move on.

The husband, with the guidance of case manager, provided us with his wife's flight information, including airline, airport, and date and time of travel. The goal was to have a team of investigators positioned at the airport where the wife was to land, and to document if she was meeting her lover.

After the wife's flight arrived, our team took discreet position at all exit points. The woman was greeted by her lover, and they embraced and hugged each other. They continued to walk to the parking area, hand in hand. Our team was able to provide video documentation of the public displays of affection.


Although the worst fears of the husband had been validated by confirming that his wife had indeed been unfaithful to him, he was very grateful for the precise action that was taken by VIS. With his desire to know the truth, and our commitment, he was able to make a decision that was best for him and his children.

2. Cheating Husband Caught via Facebook

Social networking sites have become breeding grounds for infidelity, and it can be difficult for a concerned husband or wife to determine when to worry about their partner's Internet use or Facebook activity, which is why people often turn to VIS to find out exactly what is going on.


In a cheating spouse investigation recently solved by VIS, a concerned wife suspected that her husband was cheating online, using the Internet to meet women and set dates. The client suspected that her husband had several extra-marital relationships being maintained through Facebook, but she did not feel comfortable confronting her husband about his Internet activity. The client does not know her husband's Facebook password, and is unable to access his account on her own.


VIS was hired to determine if the husband was actually cheating, which was accomplished by investigating the activity on accounts owned by the husband. In an attempt to catch the husband in the act of cheating, we gathered information on the husband's likes and dislikes, which allowed investigators to create a case action plan tailored specifically to the this social networking site and the desires of the husband.

We approached the subject through Facebook utilizing an online cheating decoy. The husband fell for the bait immediately, and within an hour had sent personal messages, initiating an intimate dialogue. The husband was completely unaware of the fact that he was under investigation by VIS, and quickly moved the conversation towards more intimate matters. A romantic date was set, and explicit details about what would happen on the date were shared, leaving no doubt about the intentions of the husband.

During the online conversation, the husband was asked if he was single or married. The husband lied, claiming that he was married but separated, and no longer speaking with his wife. The information collected throughout the investigation, including the Facebook dialogues, was reported and presented to the client in a timely and accountable manner. The client used our report , along with evidences, to move forward with divorce proceedings.


1. What all information is required to be given to start the case?

We would need subject's name, address & photo; at-least. Further details such as vehicle number, contact number, email id, employment address, Facebook profile, etc would be useful. In case, if the address is not available, we can get the same, provided you have some basic input. Further, we request you to put any additional info / notes / background on the case which may come handy to us while investigating.

2. How do you go about this? Do you make inquiries from others?

We cannot reveal the exact modus-operandi but it is a mix of various modus- operandi such as surveillance, observation, discreet inquiries, social media analysis, use of spy gadgets, etc. But we do not make inquiries from subject's friends, relatives or neighbors as their opinion may be prejudice and the subject would know that someone is enquiring about him / her.

3. Is it necessary to disclose my identity?

We entirely respect your need of being anonymous. In-fact, with most of the clients communication takes place through email and phone. Alternatively, you can assign yourself a different name to hide your identity. In any case, you are in the safe hands when you are dealing with VIS.

4. Would subject come to know that I have hired you?

Absolutely, not. Maintaining confidentiality is of paramount importance in our line of profession. We realize this and ensure that no one is aware of our investigation by adopting full proof tested modus operandi.

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