Indira International Innovation

Every year the “Indira International Innovation Summit” is organized by the Indira College of Engineering and Management. During this events Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Senior Leaders from the industry are recognized and awarded for their innovative projects.

The Indira International Innovation Summit was created with the goal to promote opportunities for the Indian business growth. This event has become a platform for rekindling the power of creativity and innovations which would inspire the spirit of innovative thinking in the Industry. Renowned industrialists have been awarded and shared their vast knowledge and experience about entrepreneurial opportunities and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship during this event.

During the last Indira International Innovation Summit our company Veterans Investigation Service was honored to be awarded as the Most Trusted Private Investigation Services Provider.

Deloitte Technology Fast 500

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Awards examine companies on their relative growth in revenue over a three-year period and recognizes the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in regions around the world. Throughout the years, Fast 500 has expanded beyond the United States, covering North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The awards were created in 1997 by the multinational professional service network Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited during the Internet bubble to demonstrate the success of growing U.S. technology companies. Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth, the Technology Fast 500 covers a variety of industry sectors which are transforming the way business is done today.

We had the privilege of being awarded by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures recognized as the latest invention on locating illicit electronic surveillance, bugging and eavesdropping devices.


Annually, NASSCOM searches for the top 50 most highly innovative and agile emerging & start-up companies that are foraying into untapped territories and determining the way they can make a difference. The goal of this award is to recognize the way these companies are redefining the standards of excellence for the technology industry.

Established in 1988, NASSCOM, a non-profit industry association, has focused on constantly supporting the IT BPM industry in India. With “Emerge 50”, NASSCOM lends out an opportunity to upcoming companies by providing a platform to showcase their potential.

NASSCOM's “Emerge 50” awarded us for having the most innovative Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Spying Gadgets.


SiliconIndia is one of the biggest content and community networks for Indian professionals, entrepreneurs and students worldwide. They constantly endeavor to identify "The Best" in a variety of areas which are important to the profession and its practitioners. Through nominations and consultations with business leaders, their editors choose the most remarkable projects in the industry.

Their goal is to acknowledge the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship and recognize companies impacting the market place through the release of their rankings. The most widely known and recognized of these is the si100, an annual listing of the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians.

We featured SiliconIndia's "The Best Investigation Service" list, proving that our dedicated team will always ensure professional results.

Aegis Graham Bell Awards

In the year 2010 The Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security and Telecommunication created the Aegis Graham Bell Award as a tribute to the father of the telephony, Alexander Graham Bell. The purpose of this award is to recognize the importance of the Indian Innovators and their projects that are changing the lives of millions.

It's intended to promote innovations in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide recognition for outstanding contributions by the innovators. The organization counts with the support of the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), and Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE).

We received an Aegis Graham Bell Award for our advances on surveillance technology and the use of our innovatives spying gadgets. is a news website dedicated to technology, innovations, internet companies and tech products & services in India. During 2012 in celebration for their first anniversary they created Techcircle Fastrack, a listing of India’s top tech startups to watch out for.

20 technology startups, selected by an expert jury of recognized entrepreneurs and investors, received a commendation certificate for their contribution to the Indian tech industry through their market traction, or the creation of a unique product or service that is changing the existing business models, but most importantly for their high potential to make it big in the coming years.

Veterans Investigation Service was listed on the Techcircle Fastrack for contributing to the technology world with our innovatives spying gadgets.

Paul Writer

Paul Writer is a marketing agency, founded in 2010 by Jessie Paul, author of No Money Marketing and former CMO of Wipro. Their goal is to help firms connect with current and future customers by improving the customer acquisition and retention strategy, designing a marketing plan, and managing the content of their clients.

The agency has a vast experience managing marketing strategy and plans we co-created with the clients, designing and running omni-channel campaigns, producing content such as the digital assets and conducting researches for their clients, Paul Writer is also familiar with curating events and hosting workshops and roundtables.

Paul Writer hosted a ceremony for the Indian private investigative agencies, during this event our company was bestowed for the outstanding investigative abilities of our team.


Fortune is considered one of the leading business media brands in the industry. It consists of a multinational monthly magazine, daily website, and conference series. The organization is dedicated to help its readers, viewers, and attendees succeed big in business through exclusive events and excellent storytelling.

Fortune magazine was founded in 1929 by Henry Robinson Luce. The project began with the purpose of reflecting the industrial life through journalism; it was intended to be the ideal upper- class magazine for wealthy and influential people.

With the responsibility of producing journalism that suffices the standards of transparency, accuracy and fairness they have created a product reflects their commitment to integrity and quality and achieved a big reputation of upholding to these journalistic values.

On 2018 our management team and their relentless efforts have held Veterans Investigation Services up high with a feature on Fortune Magazine ranking of Private Investigative Agencies.