Blackmail Investigations

In this day of increased visibility online we are all more vulnerable. The information we share can help people intent on causing us harm, find and target us. Blackmail is a rising menace and at VIS we are increasingly helping people who contact us saying help me, I am being blackmailed.

The Blackmailer will typically threaten to expose your secrets and with that fear of exposure it can be a very anxious time for someone who is being targeted by a blackmailer. There have been tragic cases of people actually taking their own lives because they cannot see a way out. If you are in despair and saying a blackmailer is targeting me you will probably feel isolated and helpless and have no idea where to turn. That is where VIS can help.

Don’t be Intimidated.

The first thing to know is that you should not be intimidated. Always remember that your blackmailer also has a secret - a secret worse than most and that is that they are low life blackmailers. For you, I am being blackmailed need no longer the frightening statement you think it is.


We can answer the question who is blackmailing me? There is no hiding place for a blackmailer when VIS are on your case. When we know who and where they are they run the risk of being exposed to their family, friends, business associates and law enforcement.

You are not alone

If you are being blackmailed it can be a frightening experience. With one call to us we know that you will immediately feel the relief of knowing that you are not alone and that we are ready to help you to end the nightmare and offer you help with blackmailing.

Contact us today - We can help you!

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