3 reasons to do a post marriage investigation in Kerala

Kerala, the highest literate state also has the highest number of divorce cases filed in a year. Divorce, a heartbreaking decision that breaks the family and separates the child from parents. An average of 5 cases per hour was recorded in the year 2015-2016. Approximately 52,541 divorce cases were filed in Kerala alone in the last year which makes the state break the record of other states. After Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Haryana follows the divorce trend. Your marriage could be no less than a fairytale wedding or even be an arranged wedding decided by your parents. But things can turn sour in no time. It is important to take precautionary measures before taking this unpleasant step and conduct a post-marriage/ divorce investigation.

3 reasons to do a post marriage investigation in Kerala

Reasons to do a post marriage investigation

  1. Family background
    It so happens, that, before marriage or during the courtship, the spouse and their respective families behave and talk in an appealing manner. Suddenly after the marriage, their real face comes into the picture. Since, today’s generation, rather women are well-educated and earn for their livelihood, they no longer depend on the husbands or tolerate any injustice. The moment they feel a slight behavioral change they file a divorce. A private detective agency in Kerala will help you to get the necessary evidence required for a divorce.
  2. Adultery or infidelity
    Catching your spouse cheating on you for another woman/ man can be very horrifying. If your spouse shows a lack of sexual interest, hides phone, credit card, or bank accounts histories, or accuses you of an affair or behaves defensive then it is time for you to take an action. An adultery or infidelity investigation would help out to find the truth.
  3. Past relationships
    In most of the circumstances, the couple gets married just because their family wants them to do so. But the reality hits after the marriage when the one amongst spouse starts to play up. When you notice a weird behavior of your spouse like stalking social media profiles of opposite sex, frequently visiting school/ college/ office or business trips then it’s time to be alert and contact a private investigator in Kochi who will conduct a background investigation in a complete discreet manner by maintaining confidentiality. The private detective agent will get a documented report along with pictures and necessary details which are essential for filing for a divorce.


“Marriages are made in heaven” and marrying your loved one, is what every couple dream off. Sometimes it so happens that people meet each other, fall in love, and marry in no time. Then in no time they see real faces and decide to part away. We VIS, an investigation agency will help you with Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry in this matter. We operate in a confidential manner and hence, at any point your name will not be disclosed. So, you can contact with a peace of mind.

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