Adultery investigation a must in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city of dreams and hopes for many people who come to fulfil their career aspirations. Almost 90% of the people who come to Mumbai are from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and other parts of North. They leave their hometown, family, friends, and husband/ wife to earn for their daily bread butter. To meet their daily livelihood, they start with any work they get. In no time, some become successful businessmen and some struggle to reach the point wherein they can live a normal life.

While all these things happen, no one knows the ugly truth behind this. In today’s life, earning a huge amount is not everyone’s cup of tea, so many find other easy ways to earn. This may also include illegal ways like an extramarital affair. In recent times, there are many reported adultery cases in Mumbai. A study carried out by a city psychiatrist revealed, 40% of the 500-people surveyed agreed to have an extramarital affair. This is one of the reasons why an individual should consider an adultery or infidelity investigation in Mumbai.

Below are some signs that you may want to check before conducting an adultery investigation:

  • When he/ she works overtime
  • When he/she hides phone, bank account histories
  • Lack of sexual interest or abnormal renewed sexual interest
  • Abnormal call activity at the home or cell phones – Hang-ups and long tones
  • When he/she argues excessively about facts related to time
  • Blaming, defensive behaviour
  • Negative projections behaviour when he/she accuses you of having an affair
  • Removal of pictures or photos from wallet
  • Lost wedding ring
  • Singles behaviour - out with friends 

Now, this calls for an infidelity investigation in Mumbai.

What are covered in an adultery investigation?

If you suspect your partner of having an extramarital affair, then consider hiring a private detective agency like VIS in Mumbai which will help you find evidence related to it. Since having a proof of all the things is necessary for taking the case further. An adultery investigation includes circumstantial proofs like photographs, hotel bills or travel records. A detective agency can properly record the evidence, as the professionals work carefully with discreet observation and in a confidential manner. The evidence collected by the professionals can help you decide if can be used for carrying a divorce case.


Marriages are made in heaven and a minor distrust can turn your relationship upside down. Hence it is important to consider an adultery investigation in Mumbai to clear any doubt and save your marriage/ life.

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