Casual flirting or infidelity: Are you suspecting your spouse?

Casual flirting or infidelity_ Are you suspecting your spouse

Our Indian societies work in a very strange manner. While it is ok for a man to have a casual conversation with a woman, the same is not acceptable when a woman does. In an MNC office culture, men and women work together and in fact women are leaders, heading a team of males. So, if a man is casually flirting with a woman it is deemed as office fun. But, if a woman is forward and laughs with many colleagues around, she is considered a loose character, one who gives a green signal to men to chat and flirt. If you are a working man and your wife is also holding a dominant position at the workplace, you may come across situations where you deem your spouse to be cheating on you.

Are there any warning signs?

We live in a modern society where one or two casual talks with a person of an opposite gender does not cause any trouble in a married couple’s life. But, as we all know life is uncertain and after spending few years in a marriage, things could go monotonous and love may lose its sheen. In those times, when you think you and your spouse are drifting apart, it is best to renew your vows and not get attracted to a new relationship where things may look exciting.

However, there are a few signs that may give you a hint that your partner is cheating on you.

  • Is he/she always on phone, after work hours?
  • Does he/she carries phone even in bathroom or has kept lock for all apps to stop any kind of access.
  • He/she not tagging you along when meeting their friend’s circle
  • He/she is calling you often to keep a track on your whereabouts
  • He/she caught lying to you often


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