Domestic violence cases rise in Hyderabad

Domestic violence is a sad truth of our society that is predominantly ruled by the male members in India. It is a serious matter and something that activists have time and again voiced their opinions on. But the stark reality is that people who are abused usually hide all the evidence of domestic violence to protect the culprit. In metro cities, were women are equally shouldering responsibility like men in fulfilling their family’s basic needs, cases of domestic violence are usually pushed aside as arguments on equality. But, in a state like Hyderabad which is still struggling to provide enough employment to males, the women class is left to do regular chores. They are depended on their men to provide them with money for everyday requirements and hence, the status of women is far from being independent.

Domestic violence cases rise in Hyderabad

Why domestic violence cases are increasing in Hyderabad?

A recent report published in the Times of India states demonetisation to be the reason behind the rise in domestic violence cases in the state. Men do not have sufficient cash to provide their counterparts for everyday expenses, which is leading to a disrupted domestic life. The spat over cash is giving rise to verbal and physical abuse. More than 10 women support centres in Hyderabad have observed an increase in domestic violence cases in the last few months. They are receiving huge number of calls and complaints related to domestic abuse.

This is one of the instances that has led to a spurt in domestic violence but the state is overall struggling with these issues, time and again. Domestic violence investigation & detective agencies in Hyderabad have been constantly getting complaints from people who want to support the victims and free them of the misfortune.


Domestic violence is a serious issue and should not be overlooked. If you know anybody who might be a victim, as a well-wisher you should get in touch with us for a private investigation. If you are a victim or fear anybody close to you is suffering from this, immediately get in touch. We will approach the investigation in a discreet manner and with utmost professionalism. Help needs to be availed before it’s too late. Don’t let your fear of losing your spouse or shame of society stop you from approaching Veteran Investigation Service. We are experts in conducting confidential investigations and promise you a lawful help to free you or your loved ones from their sufferings.

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