How common are extra-marital affairs in Mumbai?

Did you know 40% of the Mumbaikars are involved in extra-marital affair? According to a study involving a sample of 500 people, it was found that couples are involved in affairs owing to lack of love & attention in their relationship. Most of them said that they seek love outside their marriage & complained of constant stress, depression & misunderstandings with their spouse. Not surprisingly, 28% of the respondents who agreed to an affair outside marriage were men & 12% were women. 

How common are extra-marital affairs in Mumbai

The reasons to have an affair could be anything, from compatibility issues to stress or forced arranged marriage to a person they didn’t love. Irrespective of the reasons, one thing is confirmed that adultery or infidelity is on a rise in the metropolitan city of Mumbai.

Do you doubt your spouse having an affair elsewhere? Don’t worry, our private detective and investigation agency will help you for adultery or infidelity investigation in Mumbai.

How will investigation help?

If you observe that your spouse is spending too many hours at work or is behaving secretive when it comes to the use of computer or cell phone, you need to be alert. Instead of feeling betrayed and sulking over it, take a step and hire a professional detective agency in Mumbai. They work in discreet manner while conducting investigations. They not only do a background check on your spouse but also will present proof, in the form of photos or videos, to clear your doubt.

Divorce is a hard decision to make & you cannot go ahead with this decision unless you have documented proof. If you have a child the decision to separate is more difficult to take. Only on the basis of your instincts, you cannot put your relation into jeopardy. That’s why private investigation agencies help you with the needed evidence to confirm if your spouse is having an affair. It is difficult to cope with infidelity but it is all the more difficult to know that your partner is cheating and still continue to live in a dead relationship.


You may be married for years or it might be the start of your relationship, but things can go wrong anytime. It is better to secure your peace of mind if doubt is growing in your head with each passing day. Adultery investigations in Mumbai are discreet in nature and you can be rest assured that in any point in time, your identity will not be disclosed. Therefore, go ahead & walk the tight rope but with the needed support.

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