How common are pre-matrimonial enquiries in Pune?

Pune is the second largest IT hub after Bengaluru. There are many big MNC’s which attracts graduates and other employees to start and grow their professional career. For a graduate, it is easy to relocate to the city. It’s a new beginning for them as a new city, new start, and new friends. Being an MNC company, the working hours vary accordingly to the clients. More than 80% companies have night shifts or early morning shifts for everyone. When women work in night shifts they generally are provided with the drop facility. Unlike yesteryears, teams today are comprised of both women and men in equal numbers. May it be working, eating, or travelling they do it together which creates a strong bond and trust in friendships. While people in IT sector earn well, parents feel their daughter/ son is settled and ready to start a new phase in their life - marriage.

How common are pre-matrimonial enquiries in Pune

The interesting fact here is, not many people know the lifestyle of the folks working in IT sector. While most parents think the chances of divorce are less when their prospective groom/ bride comes from the same field. But there are other factors like the character of the person, family background, employment status, relationship status etc. that may, if not revealed before marriage can lead to divorce after marriage. This is one of the main reason why pre-matrimonial investigation in Pune has increased over time. Since it is difficult for one to collect all the information/ details of the prospect all alone. Carrying a pre-matrimonial investigation will help you get all the necessary details of your prospective bride/groom. Hiring a personal private investigator in Pune will help you do a background check in following things:

1. Relationship status

Generally, people don’t reveal their past relationship details. You never know a person until you share a great bond. A private detective agent will keep a discreet watch and get all the necessary details that will help reveal his/ her past relationship.

2. Nature/habits

A person can be too aggressive or can be egoistic at times. It is essential to know what ticks a person off. In a city like Pune, people who work in IT have night shifts and are more likely to have bad habits can be checked and verified by a private detective agent in Pune. If a person is involved in drinking, smoking or any substance abuse then it may cause a critical problem in the future.

3. Family Background

After a bride/ groom, the second most important people are the family members. Whether the family is involved in any illegal occupation or doesn’t have any property. All the information can be verified and checked with a relevant evidence.


You may be knowing a person whom you are going to marry for years but things can turn upside down anytime. It is better to calm yourselves with a Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry in Pune who will carry out the investigation discreetly without revealing your identity. Therefore, go ahead & walk the tightrope but with the needed support.

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