How different is adultery investigation from post marriage investigation?

Do you suspect your partner of having an affair? If yes, do you have any proof? Having suspicion and finding truth are two different things. One can give rise to divorce and other can conclude a divorce proceedings. When you suspect your partner of an extra-marital affair, it becomes important to verify the facts and gain as much evidence as possible before proceeding with any legal step. Many a times, it happens that a wife suspects husband of having an affair at workplace, but after adultery investigation, the results are different. The husband is innocent and wife is merely imagining the things. An adultery investigation can save a marriage and most importantly a relationship from reaching the divorce proceedings. But, not all are lucky and many a times, the suspicions are true and hence, in such cases an adultery investigation can later help in divorce related proceedings.

How different is adultery investigation from post marriage investigation

Adultery investigation includes:

An investigation of these sorts can help an individual find the truth that can aid in deciding the future course of life. If you are in a dead relationship where your partner is cheating on you, then it is better to come out of such a relationship. When you feel disappointed, agitated, or confused due to your worsening relationship with your spouse, it is difficult to take any decision rationally. Therefore, an in-depth investigation is required to free you of your present stress. With truth, you will also get peace of mind and your anxiety will also go away. Veteran investigation is a detective agency in Mumbai that conducts discreet investigation. Confidentiality is guaranteed and they also provide complete report with evidence like recordings and pictures.

If you are not married, then these evidences can help you take an informed decision and back out before it’s too late. However, if you are already in a holy matrimony, you can use these evidences to seek a divorce.

Post marriage investigation includes:

Divorce related investigation is very crucial, especially, if child custody is involved. India is a traditional country and divorces are not very common in our society. If at all a divorce go through the legal proceedings, child custody is usually decided by the evidence that either party can present. If a wife has an evidence that custody or visitation is not safe or unfit for the child, then court would take a decision in the best interest of the child. Veteran investigation services is a investigative agency in Mumbai which ensures to find the evidence to support the facts. To safeguard your child’s future, get in touch with VIS.

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