How private detective agency can help with child custody issues?

Divorce is an unfortunate event especially when you have kids who also have to come to terms with separation. When two people decide to part ways it’s not only the spouses that suffer, but the kids go through a major breakdown as well. The big issue of child custody is dealt in the court and usually the parent who is suspected of neglect or abuse is not given the custody. Also, whether or not the other parent can visit the child is decided. These negative claims on a parent can be true or false, but that is deciding factor to win a child custody and hence a partner who has an evidence of neglect or abuse can successfully get a child custody. Therefore, it is important to hire a private detective agency for post-marriage investigation.

Child custody investigations: Things to know

It is a sensitive issue to decide the right guardian for a child and hence, the major motto of a private detective agency is to find out what is best for a child. An investigation of this sort will ensure that you child remains in safe custody and provide you with an evidence to establish the truth in the court of law. There are different types of child custody investigations. Legal custody, for instance, allows a parent to make decision on behalf of the child. Physical custody on the other hand allows a child to live with one parent. A sole custody is usually sought out by parents in which the child not only lives with a parent but also the parent gets the right to make legal decision regarding the child’s affair.

Factors that a court consider before deciding on a child’s custody.

  • Evidence of neglect or child abuse
  • Financial stability of the parents
  • Health, lifestyle and daily schedules of the parents
  • Criminal records or history of complaints, if any
  • Alcohol, smoking or drug abuse
  • Emotional health of parents

There are many other factors that a court would consider before deciding the fate of the child.


The best interest of the child is the only objective while deciding on child custody. VIS private detectives are trained to find evidence that can support you in getting child custody. If you think your spouse is not fit to take care of the child or cannot offer safe and happy environment for your child, then it’s best to get in touch with us and we will help you in finding the facts and supporting you for child custody. 

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