How to catch a cheating spouse?

How to catch a cheating spouse

In today’s online generation, it is not hard to find a trail if you suspect your partner of infidelity. Emails, text messages, credit card statements, and other such trails can give you a waking alarm that something is hidden from you, may be an affair. Is your partner suddenly interested in weight loss? Is he listening to a new kind of music? Is he trying hard to look good all the times? These all signs were usually looked upon as infidelity signs. But, today everybody wants to look good and these signs may not mean anything. Let us look at how you can catch a cheating spouse in the millennial generation.

10 Warning signs

  1. He/she carries his phone all the time, even in bathroom.
  2. He/she is putting the phone on airplane mode while the other partner is looking through photos to avoid any incoming text being read.
  3. He/she not introducing you to the friend’s circle.
  4. He/she using new lingo which neither of you have ever used.
  5. He/she calling every day at the same time to keep an eye on other’s routine or coming home on time to avoid a barrage of interrogation.
  6. He/she trying to avoid you by giving myriad reasons.
  7. If you are married, then he/she avoids taking the family out for dinners or holidays.
  8. If you are in a relationship, he/she hides your from his social circle, does not add you on Facebook or in common WhatsApp group.
  9. He/she agrees to plans for spending time together but backs out at the last moment.
  10. He/she does not take you to meet the family, even though you are dating for long.


If you are feeling suspicious about your would-be spouse? Or if you are already married but think the spark is missing in your marriage, then it’s time to get in touch with a private investigation and detective agency. A private detective agency offers both pre-matrimonial and post-marriage investigation services to help you take the right decision. Either you decide to stay in a relationship or go forward and file for divorce. Pre-matrimonial background checks from private investigation agencies ensure you marry the right person. Get in touch with Veteran investigation services which is a leading private detective agency and has huge work experience. They conduct discreet investigation and your identity will not be revealed at any point. For a free consultation, contact VIS for more information.

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