Need for divorce or post marriage investigation in Mumbai

In a metropolitan city like Mumbai, divorce cases has always been on a rise. According to the family court in Bandra-Kurla complex, divorces filed by mutual consent are increasing in the city. There could be a number of reason, one being matured attitude of the society towards divorce. Today’s youth is self-independent and don’t want to waste time in bitter fights and court battles. Women who are ambitious and on good pay packages are choosing to part amicably and start afresh with their life instead of getting stuck in a dead relationship. Therefore, most couples in Mumbai are filing for a divorce on the grounds of mutual consent. An amicable parting in a divorce is only possible when a couple decides to part mutually without fighting muddy court battles.

Need for divorce or post marriage investigation in Mumbai

Why you need divorce or post marriage investigation?

In India, a number of divorce cases are filed each year.  Divorces can be complicated & sensitive in nature. You can’t take the investigation in your hand as it may go against you in an event of a court proceedings. Therefore, post marriage investigation agency in Mumbai is best to be chosen for discreet and thorough investigation. Also, if you are stuck in a relationship and suspect your partner of cheating on you, then an investigation will give you the much-needed strength to confront your spouse and file for a mutual divorce. These agencies hire expert private detectives who can help you provide with essential evidence to prove your point. These agencies will also carry out discreet divorce related investigations for infidelity, child custody issues, maintenance or alimony claims, bigamy etc.

There have been instance when a spouse has hidden assets to avoid splitting. A divorce investigation agency in Mumbai will ensure to investigate your spouse’s finances and any assets, like bank accounts, hidden assets, and unreported income and so on. A court accepts evidences and investigation report during the proceedings for divorce.

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Veteran investigation services (VIS) assures its clients that all the details gathered as part of investigations will be documented properly and will accompany supporting photographs or audio or video recordings, whenever possible. The information collected will always be kept confidential and will never come out in public. VIS is a premier private investigation organization in India that provides professional detective services to majority of cities, like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Chennai. 

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