Need for pre-matrimonial enquiry in Delhi

Delhi is touted as the divorce capital of India. On an average, about 9,000 divorce cases are filed every year in the capital state of India. In comparison to Mumbai, were about 5,000 cases are filed every year. This is one of the reason why an individual should consider hiring a detective agency for pre-matrimonial investigation in Delhi.

Need for pre-matrimonial enquiry in Delhi

According to a psychologist and marriage counsellor, today’s youth is impatient. Marriage is no more about compatibility & adjustment. It has moved on to become a power game where both the spouses are struggling to get an equal status. Divorces may happen in both arrange & love marriage, but if you do a thorough background check, you can avoid such unpleasant situation in the future.

Warning signs to conduct a background check

  • When your partner avoids you, or discussing his/her past.
  • When he/she behaves extremely forgetful
  • When he/she becomes an obsessive liar
  • Working odd hours and trying to be very possessive about you.

What a pre-matrimonial enquiry covers?

Relationship status

At times, especially in arranged marriage, people try to hide their past. Through a pre-matrimonial investigation in Delhi, you can find out whether the person is dating someone presently or is in touch with his/her past affairs.

Marital status

It’s not new for people who are getting married to hide their previous relationship or even marriage. Such incidents of cheating have often happened in Delhi, were people hide their previous marriage and get married for money.  Veteran Investigation Services (VIS), a local detective agency in Delhi can help you verify the marital status and give you the peace of mind about the marital status of your to-be spouse.

Employment & income checks

Delhi is known as the city that believes in flaunting. The family may show-off things that they might not possess to trap the other family for a union. It is better to indulge in a private investigation to know the financial status of the concerned person. Is he employed? How long? Is he in permanent job? Which companies had he worked in past?

Criminal background

Private detective agencies in Delhi discretely checks all the details by getting in contact the local police.


We VIS, an investigation agency will help you with Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry and Investigation. We operate in a confidential manner and hence, at any point your name will not be disclosed. So you can contact with a peace of mind. Take the step before it’s late as marriage only happens one, and you cannot enter into a wrong relationship.

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