Points to consider when screening potential tenants

Renting your property is a big decision and one should not overlook any aspect of it. Only when you thoroughly screen a prospective tenant will you have the peace of mind that your property is in good hands and it will fetch you continuous income every month. Every landlord wants a trouble-free tenant, who not only looks after your house as his own but also is considerate in giving timely rents. You can get such a potential tenant, if you put some hard work before letting the property.

Points to consider while screening

You got to dig into a prospective tenant’s background and find out their real self. A rent application can be easily manipulated and hence, it is important to do your own study and judge the tenant before renting your property. After all, a tenant will not stay in your property forever and when he/she leaves, you would want it to be in a great condition. Consider these points while tenant screening.

Rent repayment

A good tenant is the one who has the potential to pay the rent on time. If the payment is uneven and mostly delayed than you will have to evict the tenant and again invest time in searching the right person. Instead, before renting out, dig out information on a person’s income stability and whether he is willing to pay rent on time.

Criminal record, if any

This is usually screened by a tenant screening investigation agency who can conduct discreet background checks and find out whether the prospective tenant has any criminal history. Whether a person has any record of marijuana or drugs. Any illegal activity can bring more stress on you.

Good references

Always ask for a previous tenant’s reference while screening a prospective tenant. Also, ask for family references from the tenant to cross check information. A bad reference means you should invest in a tenant screening investigation and detective agency.


Tenant screening is a very important step that a landlord must take before renting the property. At Veteran Investigation services, we follow the right procedures to ensure that you find all the crucial details before renting your asset to a potential tenant.  VIS provides a thorough background check with regards to a tenant’s personal background, income verification, criminal history, financial history and credit reports, social reputation and reference checks. For tenant screening investigation and detective service, get in touch with VIS for a free consultation. 

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