Pre-Matrimonial investigation are on a rise in India

Pre-matrimonial investigation are now a days done by professional detectives. Don’t believe it? Yes, it’s true. Earlier, parents, friends or family members used to carry out investigation from their informal sources before deciding a nuptial. But, the scenario is fast changing with pre-matrimonial private detectives playing a key role in matrimonial alliance. Today, parents are far more educated and want to ensure their kid is getting into the right relationship. Therefore, to ensure the right alliance, many Indian parents are hiring private detective agency to study the background of the probable spouse. One key reason behind the rise of private detective agencies is the onset of online dating generation. The millennials are making friends online, falling in love with their chat friends and deciding to marry in chat rooms. However, everything is not as rosy. With fake profiles duping innocent girls of money, a background check is a must. Therefore, wedding detectives are in great demand these days.

Pre-Matrimonial investigation are on a rise in India

Almost two decades ago, a wedding was considered to be a family affair in India were parents married their kids within their social circle. Today, youth is finding partner in foreign shores. What if the boy is already married, what if he is physically ill? The questions are many and there is only one way to ensure the person is right, through pre-matrimonial investigation in Noida, Mumbai and all other metro cities. These private detective agencies in Mumbai, Bangalore & other major cities ensure to check a person’s financial status, education, previous affairs, marriage, kids, etc.

What all a pre-matrimonial investigation covers?

A professional wedding detective is skilled to find out all information in a discreet manner. It includes bride or groom’s personal habits, affairs, lifestyle, drug addiction and other such personal information. India is a traditional country and for most people, drinking & smoking are still a big concern, therefore, these detectives ensure that you get all the information before making the decision. Also, most modern families focus on learning more about the financial or business status. A typical pre-matrimonial investigation will cover a check for:

  • Social status
  • Character
  • Financial status
  • Employment status
  • Background check
  • Past relationship
  • Daily behaviour
  • Family reputation
  • Broken marriage, etc. 

We are professionals in the industry with huge work experience. All you need to do is provide us with subject’s name, photo & address and we will start thorough investigation. It would be great if you could also provide additional details, such as email id, contact number, social media profile, etc. At any point in investigation, your identity will not be revealed as our experts work in a confidential way while conducting background checks. Get in touch with VIS for more information.

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