What to do when your partner is cheating on you?

Nothing is worse than being married to a man who doesn’t love you and is seeming having an affair outside wedlock. You have had a fairy tale love story and a grand marriage, but things are not going well lately. Things have gone so bad that you are considering to file for a divorce. But, wait before you proceed. Unless you have evidence of infidelity, you will only be fighting a lost battle. It is better to hire a private investigator agency and save yourself from the difficult court battle. It is always better to choose professionals to seek information than you getting invasive and doing the fact checking for yourself. It is only practical to hire an adultery or infidelity investigation & detective agency in Mumbai, if you belong to that city.

What to do when your partner is cheating on you

Why you should hire a private investigator

For solid proof

Just a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you is not enough for divorce proceedings. For solid proof, things need to be looked further and to get that you need a private investigator. These experts work in a discreet manner and find information that is relevant and can be used in court of law. Infidelity is hard to prove and if you are able to establish adultery in your relationship than you do get to have spousal support and also custody of kids. Remember that even a private detective will work as per law and find out information in a legal manner.

For hidden assets

Many spouses hide money and assets from each other these days. Private investigators have access to databases and records that normal people don’t and hence, hiring one of the experts will help you find hidden assets of your spouse. This includes off-shore bank accounts or property investments.

For kids well-being

A custody battle is hardest to fight if you don’t have evidence. A private investigator agency will get you crucial data, like circumstantial footage of your spouse being less careful with your kids and so on. That way you can prove in the court that your other half is not worthy of looking after the kids and can win the custody battle.


Adultery or infidelity investigation and detective services make sure to investigate in a confidential manner and help you fight the legal battle in the right way. Veteran investigation services is an investigative agency in Mumbai which ensures to dig the evidence & support you in all possible ways. Get in touch with VIS.

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