Why it is essential to do background check while marrying?

Getting married??? Have you carried a background check?

Marriage is the most awaited celebration for any person. It is the biggest day of life that dominates how your future will shape up. But if you are sure that you are marrying the right person, there’s nothing that can come in your way of happiness. A lifelong promise to look after each other requires that kind of confidence & faith in each other. Therefore, it is essential to do a background check before saying ‘I do’.

Why it is essential to do background check while marrying

Why to investigate before wedding?

Pre-marital investigation has become a trend more so in today’s time when most marriages are ending up in divorce. Whether yours is an arrange marriage or a love marriage, there’s no reason why you should skip pre-matrimonial enquiry. Background checks will only make sure that you are getting into the right relation that will stand by you in thick & thin. Many personal investigation & detective agency in Mumbai provides such discrete investigation services. Let us see what all a background check would cover.

Pre-matrimonial enquiry

Your family inquired about the groom/bride before deciding on a matrimony date. But, do you think a deep investigation is required. In today’s time, it is essential to do a complete background check to verify the authenticity of your spouse. Is he well settled? Has he been married already? Did he/she had any serious relationship in the past? It is better to know in advance than to get such unwanted surprises later.

Infidelity investigation

Do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband is cheating on you? There might be signs that could have made you conscious and think on these terms. Don’t let a doubt ruin a beautiful relationship. Engage a personal investigation service provider & get your doubts cleared.

Income/financial checks

There are private investigation agencies in Mumbai, Bangalore and most prime cities that offer this service. They promise to exercise complete confidentiality such that your name would never be revealed.

Family background

Marriage is not just between two individuals but with a family. Therefore, it is essential to do a background check. Their occupation, their character, crime record (if any), social reputation & other personal details.


Marriage is a one-time affair, and hence, one should not take it lightly. With technological advancements, it has become easy to keep a track of one’s personal life. But the life that people show on social media is more often not that same. You can’t rely on a person’s status or tweets to learn genuine traits about him/her. This wisely before taking the biggest decision of your life.

We, Veteran Investigation Services are a private detective and investigation service which provides Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry, Background Checks, Divorce Related / Post Marriage Investigation and many more. If want to do a background check of your prospective bride/ groom, contact VIS today.

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