Why online relationship should be verified before taking the next step?

Blame it on westernisation or digitisation, more and more people are finding their spouse online. Gone are the days when marriages were decided by the elderly in the family after seeking references from family and friends. Today’s youth belong to the millennial generation and are not very supportive of arranged marriages. The boom of online dating apps, like Tinder, has made it easier for people to connect with the opposite gender and make independent decisions. But, how much of what is shown in social profiles can be trusted? Okay, so you might have met the person, but how much of what he/she said and shows in the meeting is true. While marriage is a luck game and it can go wrong even if the probable groom or bride came from known sources, it is always better to verify before taking this big step.

Beware before taking the next step

Did you know there are registered private detective agencies in India that conducts a background check on a probable spouse? Yes, in today’s time it is more crucial to find out all important details before tying the knot. The youth today is more open to the idea of spying on their would-be as there are many opportunities for one to cheat on other. More number of parents are taking help of trained private detective agencies in Mumbai to find out the past and present of an individual. Pre-matrimonial investigations are sought out by rich and middle class equally. These investigations are usually conducted in a confidential manner and the target would not even realize that he/she is under the scanner.

Pre-matrimonial investigation covers:

  • Background checks,
  • Education & job checks,
  • Past relationships,
  • Social circle,
  • Drinking habits or any addiction,
  • Financial status check
  • Family behaviour

During investigation, a private detective agent will scan the person’s personal emails, phone calls, social media interactions & other relevant details to find everything possible. 


Marriage is a holy matrimony and one should be sure before taking this big decision of life. Based on a few chats or random meetings, you cannot decide whether a person is true or fake. Also, it’s difficult to take it in your hand and run to find as much details as possible. What if you get caught spying on your partner? Wouldn’t it ruin the relationship? How would you face the embarrassment? Therefore, it is important to leave the task in the hands of experienced professionals who can be trusted to find out the details that can help you to make an informed decision.

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