Why Post marriage investigation is on a high rise in Kolkata?

It is always said, “Marriages are made heaven.” But today’s modern day makes the old golden phrase outdated or merely makes sense. Earlier, the groom and bride had no option to meet, talk or to see each other’s face unless they are married. Marriages than, were decided by elder members of the family and hence trust and love amongst the spouses were high. Even the divorce rate at that time was low. Coming back to the 21st century, many things have developed including education, employment, the standard of living etc. resulting growth in many cities like Kolkata, Kerala, Jaipur, Lucknow, Hyderabad etc.

Why Post marriage investigation is on a high rise in Kolkata

As everything developed, many things changed. The way marriages happened earlier, no longer exists today. Today, women are equally educated and earning 2x higher than men, which gives them freedom to make their own decisions. Women are independent today and hence they seek groom who understands them and their needs. These days’ youths meet, fall in love, enter courtship, marry each other, and settle down. However, this is not the case of every ‘happy couple’. Despite the fact that the marriages are happening with groom & bride’s choice, the latter part of marriage comes to limelight only after marriage. This results to a stage of life which is sad but true - divorce.

Global trends in Divorce 2016
Image source: http://www.rajeevaranjan.in/

Talking about divorce, India has the lowest divorce rate compared to any country across the world. Though, many metropolitan cities rank high in divorce cases. Amongst them, the city of joy, Kolkata tops the list. From 2003 - 2014, Kolkata alone recorded the highest divorce rate to 350 %, 1667 cases to be approximate. People are trying to be aware/ alert of their spouses’ behaviours. If you have a little bit of doubt or noticing an unusual behavior, then it’s advisable to go for a post marriage investigation with a private detective agency.

A post matrimonial investigation helps with the following details:

  1. Adultery/infidelity investigation
  2. Hidden assets/financial status of the spouse
  3. Child custody and visitation investigation

These are the details that are provided in a post-marriage investigation. The evidence for these investigations are required to be very strong as they would be further considered for divorce. Though, there are few more reasons which are specifically high in Kolkata. The reasons are - women in Kolkata are independent and are financially stable, they need men who earn higher and who love today’s fast lifestyle. Today’s gen is fun loving, lively and adventurous which is not fully accepted by the society. People want everything fast and easy. If, at any sudden point of time they realize that things are not working, they head for divorce. Because of which 50% of divorces cases happened within the first year of their marriage.

When your marriage is on the rocks it is better to have a post-marriage investigation done to avoid further complications.

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