Why pre-matrimonial investigation ranks higher in metropolitan cities?

They say, “Marriages are made in heaven”. In a country like India, marriages are mostly arranged. The tradition of arranged marriages have been passed on to us by our older generation. In a research conducted by Statistic brain in August 2016, 88.4 % marriages in India are arranged and 53.25% worldwide marriages are arranged. The typical arrange marriage trend starts from screening for prospective mates to further considering them through their social circle, community, or by advertising on newspapers.

Why pre-matrimonial investigation ranks higher in metropolitan cities

With the development of matrimonial sites, the trend or the method of an arrange marriage has changed or shifted from physically screening via known resources to these online matrimonial sites. Today’s generation is changing the trend of arranged marriages by searching about the prospective mates online. Urban cities are fast paced and are busy and hence opt for matrimonial sites when it comes to choosing their spouse, rather than through family connections.

On one side the search for a groom/ bride becomes easy, whereas on the other side the risk of cheating increases. People fill in their personal details and search for their prospective match according to the details. There is no proof for the details that are filled, unless they are verified. The need for hiring a private detective agent/agency to investigate about the groom/ bride is growing in metropolitan cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru are major tech and industrial hub. People come from various cities to find jobs. Many reasons contribute for a background check, but below are the important reasons:

Reasons to do a background check

1. Financial Status

Many a times, people list their professional and financial status larger than what they earn. The families, without confirming the income and assets, accept for the marriage. Later after the marriage, they find out that the person has debt and loans to repay. 

2. Past relationships

Past relationships are one of the top reasons for conducting a pre-matrimonial check. You might never know about a person’s past relationship unless he himself reveals the truth. There are cases where a person has had affairs with multiple women and his matrimonial account has different information. 

3. Lifestyle

Knowing a person’s lifestyle is crucial for the other person and his/ her families. Just by looking and meeting a few times, one cannot understand the nature, lifestyle and behavior. Because what we show and what we really are might not be the same. Cities like Delhi & Mumbai have seen many pre-matrimonial investigations. Information provided by one party may appear convincing enough, but closer investigation often revealed the person's true nature. Only by an investigation we know the other person’s habits, his social circles, psychological problems, major health issues and criminal history etc.

However, in arranged marriages, it is difficult for two people who hardly know each other to easily step into a marriage. So, it is important to have a pre-matrimonial investigation to know each and every detail about each other.

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