Why tenant screening is important before renting a property in Noida?

Are you planning to give your house on rent? Have you put an ad in newspaper or online for prospective tenants? What are your judging criteria that a tenant needs to fulfil? How would you verify whether the potential tenant has a criminal record or not? How would you check the person’s financial stability?

It’s literally impossible to screen a person on the basis of their appearance or how they act in first meeting. It is important to make oneself aware of a tenant’s background, his/her behaviour, criminal record (if any), social circle etc. As a landlord, such information empowers you to take an informed decision. Therefore, tenant screening is really important especially if you are planning to rent a part of your house and will be sharing the space together. In India, most landlords avoid tenant screening and accept the words of a middlemen, but doing a background check is the right way to avoid any major issue in the long run.

What does a tenant screening cover?

A complete background check for tenant screening will look into the following:

  • Personal background check
  • Tenant history
  • Tenant interviews
  • Income verification
  • Tenant surveillance for proof of residency (for rent controlled units)
  • Financial history and Credit Reports
  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal history
  • Social Reputation

When you rent your house to someone, you are not only allowing a person to stay in the premises but you are also letting somebody into your building, and community. Therefore, it is you who would be held responsible if your tenant does anything disturbing. For instance, you checked for criminal history and found no records, but the tenant is lifting things from neighbours. The potential tenant could steal from your stuff as well. If your tenant is causing a theft or damaging other people’s property then you would be held liable. Therefore, for your own safety and for the good of others in the community, it is important to not neglect tenant screening.


Tenant screening is a very crucial process that a landlord should follow before letting the property on rent. At Veteran Investigation services, we follow the right procedures to ensure that you find all the crucial details before renting your asset to a potential tenant.  Get in touch for a free consultation for tenant screening investigation and detective service. We provide service in major cities of India, including, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and many more.

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