Why you should hire a private detective before getting married?

Did you know more Indians are getting help from detectives to investigate their would-be spouse before getting married? These background checks do not just reveal a person’s past or present affairs, but also his financial condition and personal life. There has been a huge rise in pre-matrimonial investigations in India, especially, in metro cities, like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.  Today, more people find their spouses online than compared to a decade ago. Then, families used to find a suitable groom or bride within their social circles. But, online matrimonial sites have mushroomed and changed the trend. Today, most arranged marriages are fixed online and hence, there is an increasing need for pre-matrimonial investigation & detective agency involvement.

What would a pre-matrimonial investigation cover?

A private detective agency in Mumbai will provide you a comprehensive Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry and Investigation Services. It will not cover just basic background investigation, but include other aspects, such as:

Why you should hire a private detective before getting married

  • Relationship Status
  • Marital Status
  • Adverse / Concerning Habits
  • Present / Previous Employment Checks
  • Income & Financial Details
  • Family Background
  • Social Status
  • Personality Traits
  • Health Status
  • Educational Background Check
  • Criminal Background Check

In earlier days, arranged marriage were set up by families or relatives and hence, both the spouse were equally aware of each other’s standing. But now, anybody can create an online matrimonial profile and show things which are misleading. Hence, a person can never be sure of genuineness of such profiles. Therefore, there is a need to hire a private detective agency to check if the profile is genuine and not fake. A person with children can look to marry a girl for money. A drug addict’s family may look for a bride or groom online. Such comprehensive investigations make sure that the other party is of sound character and help one take the right decision.


There’s nothing wrong in getting help from a private detective agency for pre-matrimonial investigation. After all, marriage is the most important decision of a person’s life and this decision cannot be taken unless one is sure. Detective agencies work in a discreet manner and at any point does not disclose the other person’s identity. Usually, a team is assigned for every investigation who perform various checks in a discreet manner, via, getting in touch with social circle, doing online searches and real-time surveillance.  Pre-matrimonial investigation is essential and one should never shy from getting in touch with a private detective agency. 

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