Husband with Hidden Assets in a Divorce


In the private investigation field, and as a company, many of our cases deal with couples that are divorcing. VIS is an invaluable part of each client's lives, whether it is in the form of surveillance or hidden asset search. It is becoming all too common that spouses search out our services so they can know the truth.

A woman was divorcing her husband, and she wanted to know what type of financial compensation she was entitled to. The husband claimed to her, their lawyers, and the court, that he did not have any money. The wife knew he was lying, and that their entire life savings could not have disappeared into thin air. She knew he was hiding the money, but where?

The client called VIS and spoke to a Case Analyst for a free consultation. The Case Analyst presented to the client that the easiest way to verify if the subject was hiding money would be to conduct a 'hidden asset investigation' which generally includes searches on property, vehicles, businesses, shares, mutual funds, fixed deposits, cash, gold, etc. The premise of the inquiries that are conducted is to discover current assets a subject may have.

Our objective was to locate any stock, bonds, or additional bank accounts that the subject may have. A comprehensive bank search revealed that the subject had few undisclosed bank accounts with a substantial amount of money. A nationwide search was conducted in an attempt to locate any stocks or bonds. This search proved to be the most lucrative because the subject had a considerable amount of money invested in mutual funds.


It is disconcerting, to put it mildly, that a wife cannot expect her husband to be honest. The information that VIS discovered was given to the client, and in turn to her lawyer. Her lawyer was able to provide the court with documentation that what the subject reported as assets was false. Because our private investigation work and findings can be used in a court of law, the judge ruled in favor of giving 50% of the assets that VIS uncovered to the wife.

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