A Man from Dubai Having indian Mistress


It was Saturday afternoon; I was busy getting some things done at work, and suddenly, I got an unexpected call from Dubai. It was from a woman who appeared to be around 35 years old. She seemed upset as she began to explain her story to me over the phone… Her husband, Prakash, used to travel to India every weekend without fail. She noticed there was something off and asked me to check and find out what exactly was going on.

It did not take me long to understand what was wrong – dealing with similar cases gives you a sense of what is about to happen. As expected, my guess proved to be right... He was having an affair.

We started with our surveillance on a hot Saturday afternoon. It wasn't so easy to track someone in the airport, lots of people at the security checkpoints and walking around. Even though we had a picture of him and details about his flight, it was not an easy task to perform. The flight arrived and 15 minutes went by. We were waiting anxiously to spot Prakash, her husband, a guy in his forties, just as she described him. Twenty-five minutes later had us hoping that we hadn't missed him. Finally, we spotted the guy coming out from the exit of the airport; he was wearing a black t-shirt and an old pair of blue jeans. He did not look as if he was there on a regular business trip. We tracked him down to 5-star hotel that was nearby.

Following him to his room was definitely not an option, so we waited in the lobby, asking discretely to see if we could find out the number of the room he booked in. It came as a surprise when we were told that, for some reason, he wasn't staying in that hotel. When our client, the wife, requested a progress report, she wasn't happy with the current results of the investigation, as she still hadn’t gotten what she wanted. Despite our attempts to make the situation clear to her, we hadn’t fulfilled her wishes.

This went on for about a month, until a lead allowed us to finally figure out what he was actually doing. The husband used to check in at one hotel, and then, went to another one around the parking area. Those two buildings were nearby, so it was not a problem for him to create a diversion. We never expected him to be that cautious. After finding his room at the other unit, we spoke to one of the waiters and asked about the person he was staying with. That was the lead we were waiting for. Our doubts were confirmed when we discovered that he was with a young woman, around 29 years old.

Upon following the woman, we found out that she was a bar dancer and that our subject (the client's husband) had bought her flat at an elegant neighborhood in Mumbai. This accommodation was registered under her name. Turns out, she was living there with her father, mother and brother. Everyone was aware of her relationship with this man, but surprisingly, there were no objections. They were enjoying the lifestyle that this man provided them rather than being concerned about the situation with their daughter.

Finally, we informed the client about our discoveries; she was surprised but did not hesitate on doing what had to be done. One weekend, while her husband was in the hotel room accompanying the woman, she arrived with her in-laws and knocked the door of the room. The man thought it was room service, and the last thing he expected was what really waited for him outside that door - To his surprise, his wife stood there with his parents. He got what he deserved, as his marriage was about to be over.

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