Tantrik Baba


It was Saturday night and I was hanging out in a club after a busy day of work. Spent most of my night there, but then, I received a call from an old woman at about 1:30 am. She seemed to be worried, and anxious; I believe she was on her sixties so I thought it was just an old lady over exaggerating to get my attention. She said she needed to talk to me, “it’s an important matter” were her words. I was inebriated; it had been a long night, so I told her to call me the next morning.

“My life is in danger!” She shouted. “You have to help me!”

I stepped out of the club, and after hearing that a life was in danger, I started taking the matter more seriously. She told me the story of how she hired a Tantrik Baba (an expert in supernatural situations) to sort her marriage, but things didn’t go as planned, and she ended up being blackmailed by the so-called expert.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you” I said to her, while I tried to comfort her. “Nothing bad will happen.”

“I’m even considering suicide, but I decided to call you so that you can tell the police.” She told me. I tried my best to convince her not to do such thing, and eventually managed to calm her down.

The tantrik baba, who we later discovered was a fraud, was someone she approached because her husband was having an affair. However, she wanted to end that relationship her spouse was having. He promised that he would do it with by performing certain pooja, even going to the extent of claiming to have the power of capturing human minds and trick them into doing as he wanted. Due to the situation she was in, our client trusted this con artist and was charged an amount ranging from 40000 to 2 lakhs for the consult and performance of the poojas.

A month later, this individual told her that their relationship was over. But, our client had previously installed a spyware on her husband’s phone, and she found out that this claim was a lie. It was then that she realized he was a fraud. After confronting him, he threatened her by saying that he would inform her husband that she hired his services. She just needed to pay certain amount for this not to happen. She felt scared that her husband, once he found out about this, would hurt her, or worse. That’s when our role began, when this lady asked us to come up with a solution.

“We can gather the evidence and prove that he is a fraud” We offered her as a solution, which she agreed to in no time. Our team, disguised as a married couple, looked for the tantrik as clients. They told him that they wished to have children but had troubles conceiving them, to which he claimed that he would help them have a child for their marriage. They paid him an advance of 35000. He showed no indication of knowing that he was being spied as we got video recordings of all the meetings with him through a camera. Finally, the evidence proved that he was a fraud. He only gave some prasad to my team, and that was it.

After giving our report to the client along with the evidence, she was happy but still concerned about what she was supposed to do. Our advice was to tell the tantrik that she was in possession of a video and would present a complaint. Fraud is prohibited by law, and she had the right to demand her money back. She asked us to call the tantrik from a genuine number and inform him of this. He demanded to see the tapes with the evidence, which were sent to him through a messenger. Ultimately, he agreed to return the money to our client and admit he was a fraud.

Later on, we informed the police, who arrested him for breaking the law. He was also charged with several other crimes.

We finally filed the case as closed and the woman thanked us for our services.

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