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With smartphones functioning more like computers, spyware has become an increasing threat to cell phone users. If you think someone has put spyware on your cell phone, contact VIS for a free consultation to find out how we can remove the malicious software for you.

Cell Phone Spyware is a term for software that has been installed by a third party on a cell phone so that it transmits information, data, audio and even video signals to that third party, unbeknownst to the cell phone's owner.

Cell Phone Spyware Detection falls under the general category of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures ("TSCM"), which is the practice of protecting you from any sort of electronic, digital or analog listening, monitoring, or recording devices that may have been placed on your personal property without your knowledge. Cell phone spyware is generally a software program that an eavesdropper will install on your phone, but it can also be hardware such as a microchip. Sweeping for cell phone spyware may require advanced technology and techniques, and the technicians at VIS are fully capable of finding even the most sophisticated spyware and neutralizing it. Call us today for a free consultation!

Signs that your cell phone may have had spyware installed:

  • Unusually short battery life
  • Takes an unusually long time to shut down or restart
  • Interference with audio coming from nearby speakers or video coming from monitors
  • Strange noises like scratches, beeps, or static during calls
  • Abnormal phone activity when you are not using it

Techniques employed by VIS:

  • Threat analysis to determine who could be eavesdropping on you and why, and what type of access they might have had to your cell phone to install spyware
  • Thorough hardware and software analysis to determine if any foreign source code or hardware has been planted in your cell phone without your knowledge
    • Knowledgeable with all major operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as Blackberry OS
  • Visual and electronic sweeps of mobile devices:
    • Hidden microphones
    • Bugs and taps
    • Transmitters
    • Audio recorders
    • GPS tracking devices

If you have any suspension of Cellphone Spyware Detection on your personal phone or computer or even some symptoms you felt, you can immediately contact VIS, our team is spread all over the world and specially in major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur.

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