Counterintelligence Services

Counterintelligence is one of the most difficult of all businesses. For every defense against espionage, there is always a way to slip past it. That's why, for maximum security, a layered, multi-tiered approach must be adopted. At VIS, we specialize in advanced counterintelligence techniques.

At Veteran Investigation Services (VIS), the goal of our counterintelligence services is to keep YOUR sensitive information out of the hands of your enemies, competitors, or any other entity that seeks to obtain access to your information without your authorization.

We are living in an information age where the development of new technologies has enabled espionage to grow more sophisticated. Fortunately, our trained investigators possess up-to-date knowledge of the field and can successfully counteract any threats to the security of your business, intellectual property, or personal safety.

Counterintelligence Services often include:

  • Social Engineering
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Covert Internal Operations
  • Penetration Testing
  • Employee Counterintelligence Monitoring

The government counts on us. You should too!

For years, the government and the military have invested significantly in developing the most sophisticated counterintelligence techniques. Many VIS investigators come from military and government positions and are specially trained in the area of counterintelligence. VIS leverages this experience to safeguard you.

VIS investigators don't just come from government agencies. At times, government agencies have relied on our experts to help with security projects or asked for our assistance in testing existing security measures. In fact, government agencies have frequently called upon our founder to test their security protocol and have come to rely on his ability to identify gaps and provide valuable suggestions for improvement.

VIS counterintelligence services safeguard you from espionage and other threats.

There are many ways for unauthorized parties to obtain your information. VIS experts know just as many ways to counter such efforts. Your security is our priority. We employ many different methods to safeguard your sensitive information and determine if there has been a possible security breach. The VIS team is comprised of a robust group of investigators from varying areas of specialization. Our qualified and reliable private investigators are capable of successfully resolving even the most complex investigations.

Employing counterintelligence measures can serve many purposes. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspected non-compete agreement violation
  • Ensuring the security of your personal or business finances
  • Preventing competitors from gaining access to your trade-secrets
  • Detecting elements of espionage such as tapped phone lines, intercepted emails and faxes, hidden cameras, and malicious computer programs.

VIS represents the best of the best in the counterintelligence industry. It's in our name. It's in our blood.

If someone or you enemy/rivalry is trying to steal your information or the secrets of organization, contact VIS today to counter intelligence technique with the help of maximum security which aims to hide your information from the enemy or any other entity trying to access your information with an unauthorized way. VIS is facilitating such services in various cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Noida, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

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