Cyber Sabotage Investigations

Cyber sabotage investigations can be conducted for a wide range of actions, from a harmful and libelous social networking post, all the way up to the hacking and leaking of corporate consumer information such as credit card numbers or industry secrets.

Cyber Sabotage Investigations come in many forms, ranging from libelous social networking posts to hacking and leaking of corporate consumer information, credit card numbers, or industry and trade secrets.

Cyber sabotage has increased dramatically as more and more companies turn to the web and social media for marketing, banking, and internal operations. The more data and information that exists on the network, the more risk there is in it being stolen or misappropriated. If you fear that cyber sabotage has compromised corporate secrets or caused financial data to be leaked, or if your reputation is being damaged by bloggers, reckless social media posts, or other internet-based reporting, then VIS can help with a Cyber Sabotage Investigation. We have expert investigators who can not only figure out where the information is leaking, but where it is going, who is taking it, and how they are using it. We can trace libelous content to its source. Our Cyber Sabotage investigators will work quickly and discreetly to trace the source of the Cyber sabotage without alerting them that anyone is looking into them.

Cyber Sabotage can exist in many forms

  • Distracting or misleading the public or authorities about someone's true identity, either to harm their reputation or to hide a criminal
  • "Hacktivists" using illegally obtained information from computers, networks, and intranets for political, social, or activist causes
  • Stopping, delaying, or shutting down machines run by computers, such as nuclear power plants, mass transit and traffic control devices, and more by cyber terrorists
  • Bombarding a website with data until it is overwhelmed and incapable of completing basic and essential functions
  • Stealing credit cards numbers and identity theft
  • Hacking cell phones and tablets, which are used more and more for secured financial and business transactions

The problem of Cyber Sabotage is increasing day by day due to tough competition in the Corporate world. It diminishes reputation within some minutes, the company may suffer a lot even they have not done such things. If your brand and business facing such reputation problem on social networking sites, immediately contact VIS. We are ready to find out the misleader or distractors of your reputation in the market of various cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Noida, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore.

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