Divorce Related / Post Matrimonial Investigation

Divorces are complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous depending on the nature of your divorce investigation. VIS can help you with a thorough and discreet divorce investigations such as evidence on infidelity, child custody issues, income / financial / asset details - as required in maintenance/alimony claims, medical records, bigamy, earlier divorce documents, etc.

When it comes to legal proceedings, it's usually necessary to gather evidence to prove your case. Although in many instances the information gathered in a divorce investigation is for no other reason than to provide the client with peace of mind, the evidence collected is often used in court proceedings.

A spouse may sometimes attempt to hide assets in an effort to avoid splitting them. As part of a divorce investigation, VIS can investigate a spouse's finances and discover hidden assets such as bank accounts, unreported income, hidden/undisclosed assets and more. Getting evidence on gainful employment is usually required in most of the cases which are later on produced in court. Evidence, along with the investigation report, is acceptable in the court.

Usually, there are no direct pieces of evidence against adultery and it has to be proven with the help of circumstantial proofs such as photographs of the spouse with a third person at the secluded place where they may get intimate or at places like hotels where they may get an opportunity for a physical relationship. Since it is difficult to have an eyewitness to prove an illicit relationship; it can be proved indirectly by showing evidences such as hotel bills or travel records. Also, their public display of affection or their letters, SMS's etc. can be also be used as evidence against the offending party. In India, divorce can be easily granted on the basis of adultery once it has been proved in the court. Click here to read more on Adultery / Infidelity investigation.

Child custody and visitation investigations are usually the most crucial issue in a divorce or custody dispute. In determining the custody of a minor, the court is guided by one standard – the best interest of the child. If it is not in the best interest of your child to be in the custody or visitation of the other guardian, VIS will find the evidence in the course of a child custody and visitation investigations to support the facts. If you know that your estranged spouse is unfit to care for the child, or if he or she would not provide a safe, healthy, stable, and happy living environment for your child, then you must prove that to the court in order to protect your child. Let us conduct a discreet, confidential investigation that will provide objective evidence that will show that you or your client is the parent whose custody and care will be in the best interest of the child.

We are well accustomed to the complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous nature of divorce investigations. VIS assures all our clients that the information gathered in our investigations will be documented in detail along with supporting photographs and/or audio/video recordings whenever possible, and of course, your information will always be kept in the strictest confidence.

VIS provides Divorce & Post Marriage Investigation services all over the world and majorly cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Chennai.

Case Studies

1. Husband with Hidden Assets in a Divorce


In the private investigation field, and as a company, many of our cases deal with couples that are divorcing. VIS is an invaluable part of each client's lives, whether it is in the form of surveillance or hidden asset search. It is becoming all too common that spouses search out our services, so they can know the truth.

A woman was divorcing her husband, and she wanted to know what type of financial compensation she was entitled to. The husband claimed to her, their lawyers, and the court, that he did not have any money. The wife knew he was lying, and that their entire life savings could not have disappeared into thin air. She knew he was hiding the money, but where?

The client called VIS and spoke to a Case Analyst for a free consultation. The Case Analyst presented to the client that the easiest way to verify if the subject was hiding money would be to conduct a 'hidden asset investigation' which generally includes searches on property, vehicles, businesses, shares, mutual funds, fixed deposits, cash, gold, etc. The premise of the inquiries that are conducted is to discover current assets a subject may have.

Our objective was to locate any stock, bonds, or additional bank accounts that the subject may have. A comprehensive bank search revealed that the subject had few undisclosed bank accounts with a substantial amount of money. A nationwide search was conducted in an attempt to locate any stocks or bonds. This search proved to be the most lucrative because the subject had a considerable amount of money invested in mutual funds.


It is disconcerting, to put it mildly, that a wife cannot expect her husband to be honest. The information that VIS discovered was given to the client, and in turn to her lawyer. Her lawyer was able to provide the court with documentation that what the subject reported as assets was false. Because our private investigation work and findings can be used in a court of law, the judge ruled in favor of giving 50% of the assets that VIS uncovered to the wife.

2. Private Investigators help Child Custody and Visitation Investigations


A distraught mother of two contacted VIS out of desperation. She was in the process of a divorce and had been fighting with her husband over future custody arrangements. In retaliation, her husband threatened to take the children out of the country and begin a new life. The mother's panic mounted because he was scheduled to have the children for the weekend.

It was determined that conducting surveillance would be the best course of action. We decided to arrange for two-agent surveillance teams, consisting of two surveillance specialists to be placed on the father at all times. The investigators were instructed to capture video and photo documentation.

The surveillance began at the father's place of employment, and he was followed in order to maintain constant visual contact. The surveillance tail began as he left his work to pick up his children (allowed by the court ordered visitation arrangements), with visual contact being maintained by both agents. The investigators are trained to rotate positions of visual contact with the subject. This type of surveillance measure reduces the exposure the investigators experience with the subject. The investigators were able to document the father each time he left the house with the children and followed him to various locations, such as the market, the video store, etc. Constant communications were kept with VIS base operations. In the event the subject gave any indication of leaving the country, investigations base was ready to deploy a backup team and coordinate with the client and law enforcement agency. Video documentation was kept as a precaution: if the father attempted to leave the country, the client would have solid proof. This type of mobile surveillance would provide the police and other legal entities with powerful evidence if the father did, in fact, try to flee the country.

The case manager assigned to the case gave the client multiple surveillance status updates over the weekend. He was diligent in keeping in constant communications with his investigative team as to the father's movements. As a result of a dedicated surveillance team of VIS investigators, in conjunction with the VIS base operations, case manager, case analyst, and a caring mother, her fears of losing her children had been allayed and the piece of mind was achieved. This allowed her to comply with the court order and reduced the chances of a much more adverse scenario.

If you are looking for a private investigator for child custody, then VIS is the first name to hit your mind.

3. Divorce and Child Support Case Study

A husband and wife were amid a heated divorce and custody battle. The husband was ordered to pay child support to his wife. However, he responded to the court that he was unable to do so because he did not have the financial means necessary to comply with such an order.


Divorce and custody issues are always a very sensitive subject and need to be approached with the kid like gloves. It is imperative that emotions remain neutral and objective when determining whether there is cause for concern. A husband and wife were in the midst of a heated divorce and custody battle. The husband was ordered to pay child support to his wife. However, he responded to the court that he was unable to do so because he did not have the financial means necessary to comply with such an order.

The wife was suspicious that her husband would not be able to comply with a court order of paying child support, as he had worked previously during their marriage and his father owned a health food store inside of a fitness gym. The client wanted evidence that would substantiate that her husband was either able to work or was already doing so.

A recon investigation was devised to go to the subject's fathers store and observe whether he was there. The investigator arrived at the gym wearing his workout clothes and proceeded to the treadmill that was in plain sight of the store. He spent 45 minutes jogging at a rhythmic place until he spotted a male matching the subject's description. The investigator then proceeded to the health food stand, with his covert camera watch. The investigator began immediately videotaping the subject with his watch and documented his working at the store.


The client was grateful to VIS for their tenacious investigation and presented the court with the necessary video evidence that her estranged husband was not only capable of working, but he was working and therefore able to comply with the financial aspect of child support.

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