Founded in 1962 by Col Vijay Pratap Sharma. Col. Sharma is a renowned private investigator, protection professional, security consultant, and expert witness. His original philosophies of investigative method & consulting, combined with his real-life case experiences materialize in the VIS Method of Approach. This Method of Approach is modified from time to time to meet the needs of each investigative assignment; however, its core principles create an environment to provide reliability for VIS clients.

Col. Sharma passed on this Method of Approach to many investigators in his care over the years. Often copied but not successfully duplicated outside of VIS, the VIS Method of Approach lives on in VIS and now, with the introduction of Col Sharma's son Capt. Abhishek Sharma, QP (Qualified Party Private Investigator) into the executive staff, the Method of Approach will continue to be successfully implemented. Col Sharma, once described as a spy-master protégé, has participated in the company for more than 14 years; he is now the president of the company. One principle we espouse is that VIS does not rely on one expert, but many. VIS maintains an elite team of experienced private investigators, analysts, and consultants worldwide.

Using this teamwork approach, VIS has become one of the largest and most prestigious agencies of its kind. Headquartered in India, VIS maintains a working relationship with thousands of affiliates and associates throughout the world, all of whom comply with the VIS ethical and professional standards. VIS has been involved in more than 110,000 investigations, intelligence, and counterintelligence operations.

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