Locate Lost People

Investigations to Find People: A locate investigation runs the gamut of finding people, from lost relatives, high-school reunions, adoption-related locates, old military buddies, someone you met on vacation, or a family member you have not heard from in a long time, old sweethearts, etc. These types of locate investigations are exciting for our team, simple because we get to make so many people happy with our results.

Locating Lost people may include an old friend from school, a lost contact, someone you met while traveling, an estranged family member, or anyone with whom you wish to get in touch with but for whom you have no information.

Locate lost people investigations do not always involve people who do not want to be found. Sometimes, you lose touch with close friends or relatives and no longer have contact with someone who was once important to you. If you are trying to reconnect with someone, call VIS today and let us help you locate them. Our global network of resources will help to provide you with the information you need.

The more information you provide to us about this person, the more likely we are to find him or her. Let us know what information you are seeking: phone number, address, new name, contact information, current employment, etc.

At VIS, we have a global network of resources and investigators who are trained and experienced in locating lost people, whether they want to be found or not. Whether you are just looking for an update on his or her life, or you would like to get back in touch, the VIS team can make that happen. Call us today for a free consultation.

As VIS have global networks and investigators specially in Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Jaipur who are trained and experienced in locating lost people. We feel such kind of investigations very exciting because we love to make so many people happy with our effective results.

Case Study

1. Client Reunites With Lost Girlfriend

A VIS Client had lost contact with a girlfriend he was seeing 10 years ago. His recent ex-girlfriend forbid him to talk to this girl while the two of them were dating. He had since forgotten her last name or contact information. He only had a first name, a 5 year window of graduation from a business school in Pune and an area of possible business interest for the girl. The client wanted VIS to find the girl and get him in contact with her. VIS investigators cross referenced the name with school information, towns around the school and the area of business interest. The girl was found to be living in Pune and was employed by a fortune 500 company. The client was beside himself. Contact was made with the girl through a coworker to verify who she was. It was indeed her. The client had been searching for her for more than two years before hiring VIS.

If you are facing a similar type of situation, just remember that we offer free consultations for all our clients and their cases. No case is too big or too small. We will work with you to get the results you are looking for.

2. Missing Pet Investigations

If your prized pet has gone missing, run off or was stolen, a missing pet investigation may be necessary to recovery it.

Whether your prized pet goes missing – whether it ran off, was nabbed by a wild animal, or was stolen – a missing pet investigation may be necessary to recover it.

The bond people form with their pets is often quite strong, and the emotional trauma of losing one's prized pet can far outweigh any monetary loss. But the reality is that even cautious owners may lose their pets. In certain regions where wildlife such as coyotes, birds of prey, and even bears roam the areas, there is a risk of wild animals nabbing smaller pets from your yard. Purebred dogs are often targeted by animal traffickers who will hop your fence to steal your valuable breed.

Exotic animals are more rare, and they are not only more inclined to attempt to escape, but are frequently targeted by thieves. An additional risk is added with shy and skittish animals who may evade private investigators without experience in handling pets. For that reason, it is critical to the success of the investigation that you hire a private investigator who is experienced with all types of pet and missing pet investigations. At VIS, we have investigators who are very skilled with pets, and who know how to handle themselves around all sorts of pets, both common and exotic. Call us today for a free consultation before your pet is able to get too far from your home.

Our Investigations Include the following
  • Animal behavioral profiling to determine likely destinations for animals that run on their own
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence from the scene where the animals was last known to be
    • If necessary, DNA testing for any blood or fur found at the scene
  • TactVIS for rescuing and recovering the pets safely and reuniting you with them as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Investigation into the local and regional underground exotic and purebred animal black market
  • Use of high tech surveillance and detection equipment

Missing and lost pets can cause a great deal of emotional damage to a pet owner. You owe it to yourself and to your pet to use every means necessary to recover your lost pet. Even if it's simply a case of a dog who wandered off and was planning to return, you may need to hire a private investigator to find the lost dog before something bad happens to it. If your exotic, rare, or purebred pet has been stolen to be sold in the black market, the need for an investigator is even greater, and you will need to act immediately. No matter the issue, VIS has the experience and the skill to handle any missing pet case. All you have to do is call us and provide as much information about the animal and possible, and we will get started as soon as possible.

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