Sects Occult or Cults Investigations

There are few things that inspire more dread than cults and the occult. It's often very difficult to get information about the practices of such organizations, and this is even more worrying because such groups very often have abusive and criminal practices. The very word, occult, comes from the Latin for "hidden" and "concealed." But they won't stay that when you get VIS involved!

Sects and Cults can be very dangerous, sometimes fanatical and extremist groups that will mislead, manipulate, deceive, and brainwash recruits so that they will join their cause.

Joining a cult or a religious sect can have serious consequences to a person's financial wellbeing, emotional health, personal relationships, professional career, and even their health and safety. Often, recruits do not even realize that they are being brought into a cult or a sect, because they are manipulated into believing in some fanatical cause. If you fear that your loved one has been recruited to a cult or an extremist group, do not waste any time. Call VIS today and let us put our team of Private Investigators to work for you. We will provide objective information and start the process of reversing the brainwashing that the group has performed on your loved one. We offer free consultations.

Reasons for Suspicion of a Family Member or Loved One

  • Moved into a commune far removed from society
  • "Donated" all their money and possessions
  • Cut all ties with friends and family

If your loved one has suddenly cut off previously important relationships, is acting strangely after joining a new group, or has removed him or herself from the community and moved to a commune away from civilization, then your fears may be justified. Cults and sects are often led by charismatic, but mentally ill individuals who can convince recruits to join their cause, sometimes leading to substantial harm to themselves and the public. Call VIS today for a free consultation, and we will find the necessary information to begin a healing process that will reverse the cult brainwashing effect on your loved one.

If you are having a suspect on your loved one of involving in such sects and cults, immediately consult VIS. We will start the process of reversing the brainwash, and provide free consultations frequently as our teammates are working throughout the world and specially in cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Noida, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore.

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