The Team

Mr. Vijay Pratap Sharma - Chairman

Mr. Vijay Pratap Sharma received his graduate degree in computer science & engineering with distinction from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is responsible for important decisions, which can include establishing policies for corporate management and strategic policies.

His duties also include strategic and operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of the company’s offerings and overseeing the key functions of global delivery and business enablement.

During his free time, he enjoys gardening, taking care of his house and his plants.

Mr. Abhishek Sharma - CEO

Mr. Abhishek Sharma is the Chief Executive Officer of Veteran Investigation Services, he holds a Master in Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), India. Mr. Abhishek Sharma has been a key figure at VIS since joining, he is known for being young and actively involved in the strategic operations of the company.

He likes reading and traveling; getting to know the world we live in and enjoy its pleasures.

Mr. Abhoy Roy - Head of Investigation

Abhoy Roy, graduated from Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata), is in charge of duties such as managing case workloads, conducting complex investigations and the performance of related duties. He’s equipped with a degree from the University of Minnesota and extensive investigative experience given his many years working for multinational corporations in the field of risk management and investigation. He led to improvements in the area of Cyber Security and the application of emerging spying technologies for our company.

Roy likes pets, especially dogs. He usually spends his days playing with his 2 dogs.

Mrs. Abirami Nair - Vice President (Corporate Affairs)

Abirami Nair specializes in managing our corporate affairs to guarantee efficient functioning from the team. She has a master on business administration from Indian School of Business. Being a strong business-focused woman, she manages a number of corporate assignments; ensuring that our team investigation is enhanced and compliance obligations are met.

Nair is a foodie; she likes cooking and coming up with new recipes every week. When she cooks, she usually listens to music, it helps her focus to achieve the results she wants.

Mr. Vikash Sharma - CFO

Mr. Sharma holds a master on finance management from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and also received the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’ from his alma mater. He is a member of several committees involved with the Indian financial system, including committees of the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

As the chief financial officer, he is in charge of the planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of a company, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and negotiations.

Mr. Sharma likes to paint and create new designs during his free time.

Ms. Swati Hegde - Head Operations

Swati Hedge, graduated from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, played a key role in the growth of Veteran Investigation Services. Her duties are supervising overall operations; she is also responsible for the effective and successful management of productivity, quality control and safety measures as established and set for the company. Serves as a company representative on regulatory issues and ensure safe and efficient investigation.

Aside from that, she is an innate musician. she really likes music and enjoys every second of every song.