Car Key-chain Camera


Packaging Details :

  • Spy Car-keychain Camera
  • DATA USB Hybrid Cable included Video Output
  • User Manual


It is small type video recorder device in world called spy Car Keychain Camera, this products includes a hybrid video/data cable Quality for see video directly on your TV, no PC required. It is the best small car-key camera which good quality video recording Features in small Size Product. So you record video anywhere in travels.

Video can record up to 40 minute. Sound quality also superb quality. It is unique photo capture mode.

Product Features :

  • Undetectable micro spy camera
  • see recorded footage directly nn your TV screen
  • also you can download to your PC
  • Great hd Quality photos and video
  • It's Looks exactly like a normal car remote
  • It is Records video at 640*480 @ 30FPS
  • Very Small size enough to keep on you at all times
  • With USB to video out connection via RCA
  • Video Capacity Storage: ~20min per GB
  • Simple One-touch operation
  • Video Battery Life: ~40 min of recording
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