Surveillance / Shadowing

Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior without the target being made aware that they are being monitored, and tailing is a specific method of following an individual to gather information about their activities.Surveillance serves many purposes, and it is a more simplistic way to gather information about a person without raising any red flags or making them aware that someone is looking into their daily life.

Maybe you just want to get a sense of how someone is spending their day? Or you think your spouse isn't being honest about his whereabouts? Maybe you want to find out what your competitors are up to? Or find out if your employees really are sick when they call in with a sore throat? Or you need to keep watch on your child. Surveillance can come in handy for a number of reasons, and the investigators at VIS are experienced in all of them.

If you just want to keep a watch on an individual regarding his/her behavior, habits without raising any red flag, then we, at VIS provide Surveillance/Shadowing service in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad etc. all over India and at global level.

Sample Surveillance Report

File # VIS/WZ/8326
Subject: Mr ABC
Report date: 02/01/2014
Day / Date of Surveillance: Friday, 01/01/2014
7 amTeam took position near his residence @ Malabar Hill.
8 amNo activity.
8.20 am CChauffeur of the subject arrived and was seen making up the car in the building compound.
9 amNo activity.
9.35 amSubject came down of his flat and was seen speaking to the driver for about 2 minutes. He gave one bag to the chauffeur (photo enclosed) after which the chauffeur was seen going out of the building walking. Subject was seen talking on phone for less than a minute. His facial expression & body language suggested it to be a personal call and not official. (please refer to video no. 8 on enclosed CD).
9.40 amSubject drove the car to his office @ Nariman Point. He did not made or received any call in between nor met anyone. He reached office @ 10.05 am.
11 am:No activity.
12.20 pmSubjects chauffeur was seen in the car @ office parking.
1.10 pmSubject came down of his office and got into the car, which was being driven by the chauffeur.
1.25 pmSubject reached hotel ***** and proceeded towards one of the restaurant called **** where he was greeted / hugged by this lady (photo enclosed) who was already waiting for him. They had lunch together (photos enclosed).
2.40 pmSubject got into his chauffeur driven car and reached office @ 2.55 pm.
3 pmNo activity.
4 pmNo activity.
5 pmNo activity.
6.20 pmSubject was seen coming out in his chauffeur driven car. They proceeded towards Walkeshwar area via Marine Drive road.
6.45 pmHe got down in the lobby of **** Apartments after which the car was parked in the parking lot of flat no. 1202 (photo enclosed). Further, the chauffeur handed over car key to him and left the premises.
6.55 pmThe same lady (whom he met over lunch today) was seen coming to the lobby. They both went upstairs after chatting for about 2 minutes (video enclosed). On discreet inquiry it was found that this lady stays in flat number 1202 and her name is ******. She is staying here alone since last 5 months. The flat is registered in the name of M/s. ****** Ltd., where she is employed as *****.
8 pmNo activity.
9 pmNo activity.
9.50 pmBoth were seen in the lobby again where they chatted for about 5 minutes. She was in her home outfit, different than she was wearing in the evening. They hugged each other for about 10 seconds (video enclosed) before he departed in his car.
10.15 pmHe reached at his residence @ Malabar Hill where he parked the car and went upstairs.
11 pmNo activity.
11.45 pmAs no further activity was observed, surveillance for the day was called off.


1. What kind of information is required to be given to start the case?

We would at least need subject's name, address & photo, at least. Further details such as vehicle details, employment address, etc would be useful. In case, if the address is not available, we can get the same, provided you have some basic input. Further, we request you to put any additional info / notes / background on the case which may come handy to us while carrying out surveillance.

2. For what timeframe you follow the subject?

Timeframe depends upon the requirement. At times, we start as early as 4 in the morning to as late as post mid-night. Every case is unique and demands custom timeframe, hence we plan our surveillance in line with your case requirement.

3. Would subject come to know that he/she is being followed by you?

Absolutely, not. Confidentiality and discreetness are main foundation for any private investigation agency. The vehicle as well as investigation team rotates at required intervals to avoid any suspicious by the subject. Our investigators are trained to rotate positions of visual contact with the subject. This type of surveillance measure reduces the exposure the investigators experience with the subject.

4. What are the deliverables in surveillance service?

A detail surveillance report which includes places visited by the subject, people met, activities, etc along with pictures (photos) and videos. Click here to check our Sample Surveillance Report. At any point of time, you can call your case manager to get instant update / location of the subject.

At times, client may need an immediate alarm in case of particular situation being trigged. For example, when the subject goes to hotel room with his / her partner. We are more than happy to accommodate any such request.

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