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Veteran Investigation Services is India’s premier private investigation and detective organisation. Our team of experienced private investigators, analysts, and consultants worldwide are readily available at short notice to provide the undisputable facts you need. We exercise complete discretion in handling cases and observe the utmost professionalism while dealing with our clients. Our staff is reliable and extremely competent, typically having an extensive background in intelligence gathering, military, law enforcement and consulting. We provide these services in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Noida, Jaipur, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other parts of India and in Middle East, South East Asia and all over the world.

We provide latest spy gadgets in India to record the events occurring in real time. Our spy gadgets include Pen Camera, Spy Bluetooth Camera with Video Recording, Spy Coca Cola Can Camera, Pen Drive Spy Camera, Id card Spy Camera and many more. We offer you best quality spy devices in all cities of India.

Pen Camera:

Get a Pen camera is a perfect spy gadget with a high quality camera and video recorder with a resolution of 640*480px. This runs smoothly on PC and hence is also called Smart Video Recording Pen Camera. Most of the Investigation and Detective agencies use this Pen Camera. To know more about Pen Camera, Click here.

Spy Bluetooth camera with video recording:

Is your partner cheating on you? Get a Spy bluetooth camera with video recording. The in-built camera for video and image capture has a video resolution of 1280*960 & picture captured quality of 1600*1200px. Experience the multi-function feature in one click. Click here and get more information about spy gadget.

Car Key-chain Camera:

Do you doubt your husband of having an extra marital affair? This is the best spy gadget that can be used. This product includes a hybrid video/data cable where we can watch video/audio directly on TV no PC required. We can record video up to 40 minutes. To get more information click here.

Spy Button Camera:

Get a spy button camera with built in video recording and photo capturing device. It looks like a button but acts like a surveillance camera with clear audio and video recording. The single device has camera, memory card, battery, microphone. To know more features about this gadget, click here.

GSM Voice Bug:

SIM card voice bugging device has a high-sensitivity microphone that can monitor the surrounding sounds at the same time. Get a GSM Voice Bug with frequency of 900-1900 and built in four condense microphone, with the advanced GSM SIM surveillance equipment. So now you have a chance to hear any suspect talking about you. To know about the working of gadget, click here.

Audio/Video Recording Table Clock Camera:

Get a table clock camera which has a built-in recorder that can record audio/video. Whenever the camera detects any movement it starts to capture video. Get detail information about the spy gadget.

Adapter Plug Spy Camera:

This unique adapter charger plugs with inbuilt invisible spy camera for 356 days’ surveillance monitoring. It also has built-in USB type charger for data transfer and extra fuse protection. To get more information about the spy camera, click here.

ID card Spy Camera:

Get Id card spy camera with a micro recorder with built in 1.3-megapixel digital camera. It is the thinnest digital video recorder. Its super hidden capacity, can provide advantageous conditions for fun or evidence gathering. To get information about this spy gadget, click here.

Pen Drive Spy:

Sometimes you need to get audio or video in a sensitive situation pen drive spy hidden camera will be useful as it is small and easy to use. It has micro SD card up to 16GB with video recording of 1280x960 and photo quality of 1280 x 1024px. To know more about Pen Drive Spy camera, Click here.

Spy Secret Calculator Camera:

Get a spy secret calculator which has still hidden camera of 5.2 megapixels and video resolution of 1280 x 960px with 4GB internal memory. It is easy to run and requires no wires to run or wireless signals to transmit and receive. To get more information about the spy device, Click here.

Spy Coca Cola Can Camera:

Are your family details revealed outside? A spy coco cola can camera will help you. This camera has a 4GB memory & 1280 x 960 resolution pinhole camera which can be kept at home table or office desk to safeguard your family and protect individual information. To know more about coca cola camera, Click here.

Spy Waterproof Wrist Watch Camera:

Get the best and the first waterproof wrist watch spy hidden camera with HD 720P digital function. The lovely designed wristwatch is easy to operate which works in underwater up to 3 meters. To know more about watch camera, Click here.

PC Monitoring software:

Protect your business and keep an eye on your children in the virtual world by monitoring and reporting on computer activity with PC monitoring software. It provides you with detailed, timely, and actionable activity information. Our work solutions let companies address the most serious and pervasive security issues while helping IT admins address these issues in less time. To know more, Click here.

Mobile Spyware:

Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their SMS or Internet privileges? Install the tamper-proof app directly onto the compatible smartphone you own and wish to monitor. Your child or employee will also be notified they are being monitored by device notifications and a tamper-proof icon. To know more about the app, Click here.

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