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Veteran Investigation Services is one of the India’s leading and reputed private investigative and detective services. We provide a unique investigative method, an experienced elite management team, and real-world solutions to the cases. We offer a wide range of Corporate Investigation & Detective Services with discreet enquiry, precise examination and keen observation. In such a competitive corporate world, there are many cases of stealing business information and formula. Our fully experienced and trained staff are readily available at short notice to provide the undisputable facts you need. The results of the cases are purely confidential and professional. We offer our services to wide range of clients, such as, corporate, individuals, celebrities, high net-worth individuals, government bodies, etc.

Our Corporate Investigation Services include Undercover Investigations, Public Records Research, Employee Theft Investigation, Competitive Business Intelligence, Retail Loss and Theft Prevention etc. and many more. We provide these services in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Noida, Jaipur, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other parts of India and in Middle East, South East Asia and all over the world.

We work closely in cooperation with our corporate clients and their counsels to minimize the risk in the investigations. As a part of Corporate Detective Service provider, we are a current multiple contract holder with many government agencies.

We provide investigative services for any corporate matter or dispute in the following areas.

Undercover Investigation:

Is your business a victim of employee theft, corporate espionage, intellectual property theft or drug use? Our secret detectives will solve these problems with advanced techniques in discreet, professional way. To know more about this service, click here.

Employee Screening program:

Do you doubt any employee for fraud, embezzlement, kickbacks, industrial espionage? Worry not. Our trained private investigators provide pre-screening and pre-employment screening program to avoid internal loss, and negligent hiring litigation. Read more about this service, click here.

Retail Loss and Theft Prevention:

Are you a retail owner? Have you experienced theft in your inventory or cash? We at Veteran Investigation Services, will provide expert assistance in detecting loss occurrence, and help you protect your business from loss due to theft. Click here to know more about retail loss & theft.

Counterintelligence Services:

Is your enemy/rivalry trying to steal your information or the secrets of organization? Contact VIS now for counterintelligence services. Our experienced and trained investigators will help you counteract any threats to the security of your business, intellectual property, or personal safety. To know more about this service, click here.

Public Records Research:

Want to save your valuable time for public record searches to research business transactions, and financial transactions? Hire a private investigator for Public Records Research and save your valuable time. Get more knowledge about public records research.

Supplier and Vendor Screening:

Criminally motivated vendors or falsely procured vendors affect the goodwill of the organization. Our private detective investigator can help you to screen your vendors and verify the legitimacy of your vendors. Read more about supplier & vendor screening.

Cargo and Transportation Investigation:

Is your cargo showing up late to destinations? Do your freights go missing? Our well trained private investigator will help you with a Cargo and Transportation Investigation. Click here to learn in depth about this service.

Competitive Business Intelligence:

Competitive Business Intelligence Investigations can provide an in-depth history of a company's background and current business practices. Our detective agency will help you analyze competitor’s business needs to give in-depth information about company within the limits of the law. To know more about this service, click here.

Corporate Slander Investigation:

Is your company/business getting low down because of untrue information or altered data. Get a corporate slander investigation done by our private investigation agency. Read more about this service.

Cyber Sabotage Investigations:

Cyber Sabotage is carried with various action like libelous social networking posts to hacking and leaking of corporate consumer information, credit card numbers, or industry and trade secrets. Our personal investigation department will help you to carry out Cyber Sabotage Investigations find out the misleader or distractors of your reputation in the market. more knowledge about this service.

Due Diligence Investigation (General):

Are you embarking a new business venture? Protect your business's reputation and assets by performing a due diligence investigation. Our expert investigators do an in-depth due diligence investigation on your prospective partners. To know more about this service, click here.

Cellphone Spyware Detection:

Are your private and confidential information getting leaked? Then you might likely have spyware installed on your phone. Cell Phone Spyware is installed by a third party to get information and other confidential data. We at VIS, have qualified private investigators who are capable of finding the most sophisticated spyware and deactivating it. Click here and read more about this service.

Computer Spyware Detection:

Is your computer acting abnormally? Chances are that your computer might have spyware installed in it. Spyware is typically malicious in nature and can compromise with your personal data. Hire a private detective and get rid from this spyware. Read more about computer spyware detection.

Employee Theft Investigation:

Is employee theft costing your business money? Do your employees steal money or inventory? Hire a private investigator and stop employee theft. Read more about the service.

Espionage Investigations:

Are your financial information stolen? Industrial and corporate espionage involves stealing trade secrets from the company. If you are a victim of such type of espionage, call our experienced investigators and detect the exact reason and protect your organization from such activities. Click here to read more about the service.

Workers Compensation Fraud:

Workers' Compensation Fraud occurs when someone knowingly makes a false representation of a physical fact to obtain or to deny workers' compensation benefits or to avoid responsibility under the law. Our private investigation agency will help you to solve suspicion over claiming the money and other facilities by your staff and employees. Read more about this service.

Extortion or Exaction Investigation:

Do you fear that someone might extort you? Hire a private investigator and get rid of such cases. Read more about this service.

Financial Fraud Investigations:

Is your business facing financial fraud? Worry not! Our private investigation agency will conduct a thorough and effective and solve the financial problems with financial fraud investigation. To read more about this service, click here.

Insurance Fraud Investigations:

Insurance Fraud investigations happens when a person makes a fraudulent claim in order to receive benefits or money to which is not entitled to them. Our trained Insurance Fraud Investigators will get the evidence and prove the fraud. Get more information about Insurance Fraud Investigation.

Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement:

Intellectual Property theft occurs when someone misappropriates or uses personal data without permission. Our detective agents will find out the source and gather necessary evidence to stop such problem. Read more about Intellectual Property & Copyright Infringement.

Litigation & Legal Support:

If you are an attorney, and you are looking for additional information that you feel may break your case for your client, then our litigation and legal support services may be in your best interests. Read about the service for more knowledge.

Mergers and Acquisitions Investigation:

Before merging or acquiring with another company investigation into the company's business practices, financial history, corporate structure to know all the loop-holes. Call a VIS investigator and investigate about your merger company. To know more about this service, click here.

Mystery and Secret Shopper:

Are you suspicious that your employees are neglecting the policies of your organization? Our Mystery and Secret Shopper service will help you maintain a continuous watch on those employees by being part of them only. To read more about this service, click here.

Pre-Employment Screening:

Want to hire an employee who is qualified, productive, and can represent your company? Our private detective agency will perform a Pre-Employment Screening and get a quality employee for your company. Get more knowledge about Pre-Employment Screening.

Sting Operations:

Do you want to catch a person engaging in criminal and illegal activities? Our detective agents have an expertise in carrying sting operations. Read more about sting operation.

Stock Options Fraud:

Stock Options Fraud is a greed-based crime that refers to a number of practices by stock brokers that defraud the clients, the company. We have highly trained private investigators who have years of experience in the financial sector. Hire a detective agent and carry out Stock Options Fraud investigation. Read more about Stock Options Fraud.

Unfair Competition Investigations:

Is your business the victim of unfair competition? Hire a private investigator by VIS and find out cause and then put a stop to it. To read more about the service, click here.

White Collar Crime:

White-collar crime is a broad term that refers to a wide variety of nonviolent crimes such as bribery, public corruption, counterfeiting etc. We have experienced investigator with the sharpest technical skills in order to outsmart and catch the crooks. Read more about White Collar Crime.

Other cases:

We offer you an extensive listing of case type and private investigation services. If you have a case that doesn't fit in any of our services, do not worry we are always flexible and help to solve your case. To know more click here.

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